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[Vidéo] Sing Freedom – Rabah Donquishoot (35 min Documentary)

A documentary about the rapper Rabah Donquishoot from the legendary Algerian hip hop band MBS, Le Micro Brise Le Silence (The Microphone Breaks the Silence).
Formed in 1994 against a backdrop of economic hardship and violent political unrest, MBS were pioneers of politically charged, conscious Algerian/Arab rap in the 1990’s. Never afraid to speak truth to power, MBS led by Rabah Donquishoot voiced the concerns of the youth and provided for many, a soundtrack for their generation.
In this film, Rabah speaks about his life and times, hopes and dreams. He talks about the beginnings of Algerian hip-hop, his lyrics and influences. As well as his journey as a musician he talks about his life as a family man working as a highly regarded chef.

Produced by ZAD PRODUCTION (Cairo) this documentary was first shown on the OSN’s channel YA HALA CHABAB. Many thanks to ZAD and OSN for permitting the broadcast and promotion of this movie.

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